On the No-Bake Train

Dear Baking Girl,

Don’t have baking utensils? Don’t have familiar products? No problem! Get creative!

This is what my creativity led to…

No-Bake Honey-Glazed Banana Cheesecake (and – Banana Foster No-Bake Cheesecake)

All made with just regular spoons, rice bowls, pan, knife, chopsticks!

I used the same recipes I’ve been using for the last couple of posts (http://alettertoadeargirl.com/2015/01/04/mini-dirty-banana-and-oreo-no-bake-cheesecakes/), but just increased the amount and also used butter and crumbs for my base!

IMG_5035 IMG_5030IMG_5019 IMG_5018 IMG_5021

A true dessert lover and dessert maker never lets the lack of an oven and baking utensils stop herself from making something deliciously sweet!


Fellow Baking Girl

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