Onward, They Flew

Dear Going with the Winds,

Everyday, you are given a choice – to go where the wind may take you or to stand on your own. The wind can carry you up high, take you dancing across the clouds, bring you close to the warmth of the sun, or it can walk you closer to the ground with the leaves, the steps of other people, the puddles from gathered waste, or the remnants of rain. These days mean for ups and downs, undecided by you.

But if you so choose – you can be at a peak, always. You can find joy, love, and contentment in all things. You can be in warmth, in gratitude, in positivity because every morning, you get to choose what that day looks like.

Today, I sat on the curb next to a historic sight in Taipei and watched children and their parents fly kites. I found myself setting sights on the kites settling at higher distances from the ground. The winds were only slight breezes, but several had reached unimaginable heights. I smiled because it reminded me that today onward, not because it’s a new year, but because it’s a life choice, I wouldn’t allow for circumstance to decide how high I climb or how low I fall. Circumstance is just that –  a circumstance. Today onward, I choose to be different.



Against the Winds

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