A-Blazing into 2015

Dear 2015,

There are so many woulda, coulda, shoulda’s in life.

There are so many things, people and situations to be upset about, to be envious of, to complain about, to regret, to be bitter about, to cry about, and to wish you could forget about or change. If we sat here thinking of only those things each day, those lists of things would never end, and happiness would never see daylight.

I only wish for us to all thank those around us a little more, love a little more, choose to see the beauty in our lives a little more, give a little more, smile a little more and be grateful a little more. A little more of a light each day, brings even the dullest flames to fire and encourages even the furthest fallen to stand.

I choose to live my 2015 a-blazing and sharing that fire with all. Join me in loving and thanking this life and its wonderful people a little more this year. Cheers to 2015!



A Little Flame

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