Chikumbuso: Remembrance

Dear Kindest Hearts,

Over the summer I had the most amazing opportunity to visit the organization, Chikumbuso Women and Orphans Project ( in N’gombe, Lusaka, Zambia. I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful the people within the organization are!

I worked with the school for over 2 months and learned a little more about the students and their backgrounds. I learned that many of the students come from large families from the community. They often times have many siblings and may live with other relatives or even have been raised by family other than their own parents. Education is often times a difficult priority because of their background – sometimes even just the basic day to day needs are even difficult to fulfill. Because of this, Chikumbuso has set up a sponsorship program for the students of high needs.

Because the new year is just around the corner, I wanted to urge us to do something special for someone else for the new year! I especially am hoping for support in sponsoring a student this coming new year of 2015.

It takes $50 a month (which equals $600 a year) to sponsor a student. Child sponsorship sends a child to school with all the requirements and benefits. The sponsored child will also receive a monthly food stipend package to help the feed the whole family.

I realize that $600 is a lot to ask for from one person but from many, if we could donate $1, $5, $10, etc. each, we could do it! My hope is to sponsor a student for at least one year. If we go over $600, we can continue to sponsor the child for as long as we can make it possible!

If you are interested in helping out, please go here:






Thank you!


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