Family Style

Dear Food Fanatic,

After coming back from a crazy day at the hospital, my mom and I swung by the super market to buy all of our ingredients for dinner. We had each promised to contribute a dish, which sounds like a small task, but actually turned out to be quite lofty! Because my mom and I were not familiar with the markets nearby our current Nangang apartment, we picked up our ingredients at Sogo (a huge department store), only to realize how much we needed to buy and how difficult it was to find things!

Despite being able to speak and read Chinese, we both had trouble finding all the correct ingredients because we had gotten so accustomed to the US. Additionally, we ended up having 4 heavy bags worth of groceries that we had trouble carrying even to exit, so we ended up taking a taxi back. It was a crazy grocery shopping adventure.

Then the actual cooking and cleaning was just as chaotic. As my brother, Andrew and I worked on the coffee table, my mom hurriedly cooked her dishes with the few utensils and cooking supplies we had. We took turns using the stove and swapping out bowls and washing and drying in order to have enough to use.

However, it turned out to be a success, and it was definitely a fun bonding experience.

Here is a snippet of the experience!


I’ll post more on the dessert I made a little later!


Fellow Food and Family Fanatic

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