A gentle reminder

Dear fellow blogger,

Hi – I don’t know what you may be going through – what kinds of trials, tribulations, wars, fires, or the lowest of lows you may be experiencing OR maybe you’re lucky enough to be experiencing all of the very opposite, but here…here is a genuine reminder:

1) You matter
2) You are loved
3) You are perfectly and wonderfully made
4) You mean the world
5) You are an important part of this world
6) Your unique qualities can never be duplicated or replicated by anyone.

I say all this because I want you to feel that even if today feels like its the worst – you are still wonderful. DO YOU HEAR ME? YOU ARE LOVED.

Please pass on the love, as well. I know too many who would have benefited from hearing such things earlier on. Sometimes a gentle reminder means the world – sometimes, it means…their life.

YOU ARE SO LOVED. Now go on and conquer the world and your fears.



Your Fellow Blogger

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