Day Old Can Still Look Good Pt. 2

Dear Stylish Girl,

The-morning-after-getting-snipped-and styled-at-the-salon-hair is usually never as gorgeous as the day of, so I decided to take the day old curls and shorten the style.

I present to you the:


This look is really simple because quite frankly it’s more fun if it’s messier!

Things you need:


Step 1) If needed, use a little dry shampoo to absorb any oil.

Step 2) Section your hair into 3 parts – top, middle, bottom.

Step 3) French braid the bottom section until the ends. Tie and pin down. Repeat with the middle section.


Step 4) Re-curl the top section of hair and part to whichever side you prefer. Hairspray to finish! (If your hair is dry at the ends, use a little bit of oil or anti-frizz product.)


Step 5) Wrap up with a confident smile!



Curly-Messed Bed Head

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